Technology & IP

Technology & Intellectual Property

AlkaPlex Technology

pH Sciences personnel have tested more than three dozen products to improve health, vitality, and performance in human and animal applications as dietary supplements, medical foods, cosmetics, and food additives.

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FDA certification for ph sciences ingredients

Certification & Regulatory Compliance

pH Sciences proprietary ingredients have been documented by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) as containing only generally recognized as safe (“GRAS”) raw materials. The qualifies the company’s branded ingredients for use as medical foods and food additives.

pH Sciences secured FDA acknowledgment of new dietary ingredient (“NDI”) letter #391 for new dietary supplement ingredients.

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Technology and patents, ph sciences bulk ingredients

Patents & Intellectual Property

pH Sciences holds a growing list of utility, composition and equipment patents, pending patents and trade secrets for use to make propriety dietary supplements, medical foods and food additives.

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ph Sciences cutting edge bulk ingredients


pH Sciences has an extensive, searchable, in-house research database to drive initial concept development. A team of chemists, bioengineers and mechanical engineers drive new ingredient development and crystalline material manufacturing techniques. pH Sciences maintains a list of firms and relationships to conduct pilot studies and clinical trials to validate the effectiveness and safety of new ingredients and resulting end products.

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