Experienced engineers, chemists, and doctors at pH Sciences, working in the field of new crystalline materials, are leading new product research and development work that is:

  • Documented in issued and pending patents;
  • Published in peer-review articles in leading nutrition journals; and
  • Held as trade secrets that allow us to make uniquely different nutritional ingredients that are effective and safe.

The research is driving new ways to deliver key nutrients to increase the length and quality of human life. The result is a group of new dietary ingredients that are breakthroughs in:

  • Healthy aging;
  • Improved performance; and
  • Better quality of life.

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PH Sciences promotes healthy aging

Healthy Aging

pH Sciences is publishing a series of white papers on its research into the effectiveness of its ingredients. Structure-function claims are available for the following areas:

  • Kidney function(s);
  • Neurological function(s);
  • Cardio-vascular function(s);
  • Metabolic function(s); and
  • Tissue function in mouth and esophagus.

If you would like detailed information on our Healthy Aging Research, please contact pH Sciences.

Ph Sciences enhance physical performance

Improving Human Performance

Branded ingredients developed at pH Sciences have undergone clinical studies at independent laboratories to document:

  • Greater endurance;
  • Improved strength;
  • Faster recovery; and
  • Reduced stress on trained and amateur athletes pushing their limits on performance.

The World Anti-Doping Agency and other quasi-regulatory bodies have opined regarding the acceptability of the composition for professional and Olympic sports. NSF Sport certification is available for the ingredients if required.

To get the details of these studies, contact pH Sciences.

Personalize Assessment of Nutritional Needs

As a research-driven Company, pH Sciences is testing a personal health assessment model based on peer-review published research to help practitioners and consumers evaluate dietary supplement needs to improve overall health and wellness.To learn more about this program, contact pH Sciences.

Additional Research

Research at pH Sciences is being supported by pH Sciences and large foundations focused on worldwide health issues. Breakthrough work is being done in areas of cellular function for dietary supplements and medical foods and long-acting, bio-erodible delivery systems for existing drugs. Please contact pH Sciences for details.