About pH Sciences


pH Sciences’ initial success was the development of a crystallization method for a mineral compound to deliver an essential nutrient to the body in a time-release manner, improving interstitial acid-base balances. The crystallization method is controlled using proprietary, extremely precise manufacturing equipment. Since then, the company has secured multiple patents, laying the groundwork for multiple trade secrets and proprietary ingredients, and additionally has patents pending and in development.

pH Sciences protects its customers’ interests through patents and trade secrets.


unique mineral alkalizing compound of ph Sciences

Company Vision

One day all medical practitioners will have available to them affordable, nutrition-based medicines, scientifically proven to improve the length and quality of human life and trusted to be free from any negative side effects for the patient.  People will find better health through better nutrition.


The guiding values of pH Sciences are to provide producers and marketers with ingredients that are:

  • Premium value (i.e. tested and scientifically proven)
  • Safe (i.e. free from side effects)
  • Proprietary (i.e. patentable)
  • High quality (i.e. cGMP production certified)
  • Trusted (i.e. meet or exceed all government regulations)